The Man in the Middle.

So, the fashionable gentleman with the wide-rimmed glasses right above you; he is the man who sparked this wild idea. We took the 'Y' from his surname and dropped it in the middle.. and that's how JAKEYSTACE came about. We thought it looked and sounded more marketable, anyway. 

Jake hails from the seaside county of Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Having spent his childhood running barefoot on beautiful beaches and enjoying breezy walks on coastal paths, his maturing years saw him transfer to the office, where he became more of a laid-back (or boring) character. 

With a background in admin, working in the hospitality accommodation sector in his late teens, Jake fancied doing something a little more creative. He ditched his job and moved to Cardiff to undertake an undergraduate degree in Marketing Management. It was here that he began to thrive under the renewed freedom that he had. 

His flexible course allowed him to focus his studies around his love of food. Many of his university projects required creating marketing campaigns and applying academic frameworks to brands of his choice.. most of which he chose as food brands! 

From nothing but a hobby, he decided to turn his passion into something practical, and so he began his own food blog on Instagram (jakeystace.eats). Cardiff's flourishing food scene had him hooked from the get go, which is where his love for independent eateries outshone generic chains. 

On a mid-summer's stroll, an idea spontaneously popped into his head to start something more serious. JAKEYSTACE developed into a brand; and that's where we stand today. 


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